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Haftinger chapel

Tiefgraben am Mondsee, Oberösterreich, Österreich

The "chapel" is located on an old Wallfahrerweg and is owned by the Wieser family.

Nothing is known about the reason and the time of the original building. On the occasion of the renovation in the year 1992 however one found in the attic the dates: 27. 10. 1912 and 15. 7. 39 engraved. It should probably be this data of the construction or a renovation.

The most recent renewal work, which has been carefully documented, started in April 1992. Many friends and neighbors took part in it. Mr. Wesenauer (Kogler) made the roof, it was painted by Adi Arnitz and Toni Ebner stood with his crane available to bring it to the right place. For optical reasons, it was decided to extend the roof, which Hans Schwaighofer (Hütten-Hans) strove for. The cross was renovated by the Mörtlbauer. With so many helpers, it is not surprising that the inauguration of the renewed "chapel", made by Pastor Edlinger in May 1993, became a big celebration of friends and neighbors.
In the "chapel" there is a picture of the crucified and a statue of Christ. Every Saturday a light is lit there.

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Haftinger chapel
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5310 Tiefgraben am Mondsee

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