© Foto TVB Mondsee-Irrsee; Winterwandern am Mondsee und Irrsee
Eine schneebedeckte Straße führt durch einen tief verschneiten Wald, in dem auch die Äste der Bäume weiß sind.

Dörfler Cross

Tiefgraben am Mondsee, Oberösterreich, Österreich

Many years ago there was a wayside shrine at a crossroad under an apple tree. Next to it was a bench from which you had a Beautiful view of the surroundings. Many hikers used this bench to rest on.

​In the 80s a big storm took down the tree and also destroyed the wayside shrine under it. The married couple who lived there really loved the wayside shrine and decided that they would do everything in their power to rebuild it
Mr Dörfler's son in law offered to do the Carpenter work and Mr Dörfler's sister found a Fitting Jesus figure in a store in Graz.
In 2002 the work was finished. They also replanted a tree, this time a birch. They also put a bench next to it so everyone who wanted could take a Minute to have a look at the beautiful surroundings.

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